MOOC E@D nas Escolas

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The MOOC was launched by DGEducation in the context of the pandemia, focusing on distance learning, with practical recommendations for schools-


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The 2nd edition of the portuguese MOOC Inclusive Education was launched in 28 september 2020, in NAU platform.

An article in the NY Times about opportunities to learning online for free, namely with MOOCs

Continue Your Life’s Education With Free Online Classes

Innovating Pedagogies 2020

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The Open University annual report on innovating pedagogies –

MOOCs promoted by government departments and other institutions have joined Plataforma NAU initiative since 2019 – 

NAU sempre a aprender2

OpenUpEd report on MOOCs 2019

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The report of the Euroean Association of Distance Teaching Universities focus on some national initiatives regarding MOOCs. A final article addresses «Students at the forefront of assessing quality of MOOCs» which is quite interesting. The involvement of participants in the design and production of a MOOC is a move to escape xMOOCs.OpenUpEd report on MOOCs 2019.png

How MOOCs make money

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Um artigo do criador de Class Central sobre os lucros dos xMOOCs – How MOOCs make money

«Dhawal Shah, founder of Class Central, has been tracking the machinations of the MOOC business since before it was a business. Here, he provides perspective on the revenue side of open and online courses.»

Class Central Stats

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Class Central Portal presents MOOCs statistics of 2018.

Class Central Stats 2018


MOOCs in Portugal

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MOOCs promoted by portuguese Higher Education Institutions  –