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Shifting to Visual Teaching

Posted: January 13, 2015 in Home posts

An article by Timothy Gangwer (via Teachthought) where focus is given to visual learning as a creative and engaging way to involve students.

«It is hard to ignore that the generation of children now moving through our educational system is by far the most visually stimulated generation that system has ever had to teach. Having grown up with cable television, video games, computer software that educates and entertains, and the Internet, our children are truly visual learners coming of age in an increasingly visually oriented world.»

A well known diagram is presented with a scale of learning through senses, how much we learn from reading, hearing, seeing, writing and doing.


It’s not particularly new but the Web technologies make it easier to produce powerful and sophisticated visualizations (i.e. Guide to produce animated infographics –The Internet in 2015) and the Maker Movement is on its way to promote how to produce new inventions and doing things.


There’s always a minority that won’t be able to benefit from these powerful visual media – blind people and those with severe low vision -, for them the transcripts and text-to-speech tools will be crucial.