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An article in The Guardian about the MOOCs and the ICT gap between developed countries and countries where computers and Internet are not widely accessible. How these countries are trying to take advantage of MOOCs, localiziing them and follow blended learning solutions – «Unless universities adapt the curriculum to suit the needs of students in emerging economies, free online courses will have no relevance»

An article in the New Yorker:

«What if, as a novice teacher or professor, you began a course and the entire class decided to leave—either from apathy or boredom or the popular student conviction that whatever is not a part of the lesson is inherently more interesting than what is? That old educator’s nightmare is now a digital reality: massive open online courses, or MOOCs, born a few years ago of the seemingly well-paired utopianisms of Silicon Valley and the élite American university, are seeing that classroom management can be a difficult task without a classroom.»…

A reaction in e-Literate blog

and an interesting interview with a professor from Open University UK


More interesting interviews in e-Literate Youtube channel

 Study: MOOC students are highly educated, job-oriented

A new study, published last week by Penn researchers in the journal Nature, shows that students who have taken MOOCs on Coursera are highly educated and career-oriented… Researchers, led by Vice Provost for Global Initiatives Ezekiel Emanuel, conducted an online survey in July of nearly 35,000 students enrolled in at least one of the University’s 32 courses on Coursera.

Critique to MOOCs

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An article on certain MOOCs lack of creativity, by Chris Parr

Mooc creators criticize courses’ lack of creativity

Experiences with MOOCs

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Perspectives of a participant in two MOOCs –

Inicia-se a 9 de Setembro um MOOC sobre Deficiência/Incapacidade promovido pela Univ. de Northern Illinois
Inscrições em –


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A MOODLE MOOC is starting next 1st September. I’ve enrolled and expect to follow it.

Why a Moodle MOOC?, by Martin Dougiamas

Courseware list

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A post by Michael Feldstein in his e-Literate blog listing courseware providers.

MOOC Motivation

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A research study by Education technology company Instructure Inc. and research firm Qualtrics about MOOC participants motivation draws the conclusion that the main motivator for enrollment among 35% of MOOC participants is personal or professional development and the fact that MOOCs are free.

MOOC participants are highly educated and they are not typical college kids, many of them older people have already earned advanced degrees.


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The Digital Journal Hybrid Pedagogy published an article « MOOCagogy: Assessment, Networked», by Morris&Stommel – defending that «MOOCs are anthropological opportunities, not instructional ones» and analyzes the two editions of a particular MOOC «MOOC MOOC» run in 2012 and again in 2013, the first with 600 registrants and the second woth 1.000 registrants.

«MOOC MOOC took the approach of a wildly open pedagogy, asking participants to provide their own content to a great extent, and offering only a skeletal structure for discussion and collaboration.»

A SCOOP.IT was produced under MOOC MOOC to gather a sample of the participants’ contributions –

One of the images characterizing MOOC X-C

or this post regarding analytics applied to MOOC MOOC:
First look at analysing threaded Twitter discussions from large archives using NodeXL #moocmooc, using an application called NodeLX with diverse visualizations, such as this one:
(visualization of 6,500 #moocmooc tweets into grouped conversations)

Another video produced for MOOC MOOC about the chaotic perspective of learning – Learning is Messy