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An article by Jenny Mackness about her recent experiences in xMOOCs and the impact the first cMOOC (Siemens/Downes) had on new perspectives of Education.

I also see advantages in more open MOOCs, more interactive and more discussion based, but I can’t say that I haven’t benefited from other MOOCs that run in more closed LMS or more activity-based.  I think it depends on the purposes and learning outcomes. The most important is that more and more opportunities to participate in MOOCs are there and it’s up to each one of us take the best of it. They are free and nobody is compelled to participate if expectations are not corresponded.

A long reflection on the nature of MOOCs. Why xMOOCs attract more participants than cMOOCs. A matter of «brand» and elite institutions that promote xMOOCs. How much more interesting and enriching can become cMOOCs?