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An article by Audrey Waters questioning education, technology and ideology. «We tend not to see education technology as ideological. (No doubt, we largely fail to scrutinize the ideology of education as well.) We do not recognize the ways in which education technology can, as Selwyn notes, “accommodate all these agendas (from the countercultural to the commercial) with little sense of incompatibility or conflict.” How does a push for “self-directed learning” feed a libertarian anti-institutionalism? How does the mantra “everyone needs to learn to code” serve the interests of global capitalism? How much of the “Maker Movement” is venture-backed consumerism? What does it say that this profitable version of “making” dovetails so neatly with some visions of progressive education? »

An article by Ignatia de Waard about Dave Cormier’s intervention in a talk and his story around MOOCs

An article by Otto Sharmer, from MIT, about a research on the evolution of MOOCs –

An article by Donald Clark questioning the suspicion  towards successful OER such as Wikipedia, MOOCs, Khan Academy and so on.

An article of Grainne Conole in her blog e-Innovation, with a practical plan of activities to promote eLearning and convince people to participate –