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Based on the readings of the recent publication Teaching Crowds, opened by its authors Dron&Anderson, I started a series of videos on some of its chapters, citing some sentences and paragraphs, run over Videoblocks clips and music from Free Music Archive:



An article in Around the Corner Blog – Adult Learners: Facilitating Social Learning Experiences

Approaches to facilitating adult learning, based around a structure of eight ‘tips’:

  1. Address the logistics of the course in your course materials
  2. Personalize your online learning environment with multimedia
  3. Develop and share materials with potential participants
  4. Set up forums that address the “social dimension” of introducing people and getting to know each other, as well as forums for dealing with technical aspects
  5. Remember to scaffold and support learning conversations rather than dominate them
  6. Don’t be afraid to pull in guest speakers
  7. Avoid long discussion posts, as well as posts that feature a lot of questions
  8. Encourage people to discover each other’s strengths and what they each have to bring to the table

An extensive article by Stephen Downes in his blog Half an Our about «Open Education, MOOCs and Opportunities», an overview of open resources, content licencing and open courseware along the last decades, and more recent MOOCs’ movement.

An interview by Stephen Downes in Armenia about MOOCs and Open Learning .