27 September

In this last week I’ve watched the tutorials on assessment. I’ve read the Book on Logs, Activity report and Course Participation, made quizzes and added an assignment to my course on «Encaustic Painting».I had already added my course to «Show us your Moodle Course» Forum and enrolled the participants of my group, but nobody seemed to have accessed it. I had opened a forum but no posts were submitted.


I’ve explored and enrolled in a few peers’ – Have you ever been there?; Pet Grooming; Techy Tools for Schools; An Introduction to Switzerland; Digital Photography; Intermediate English;  . I’ve posted in one or two courses of peers (Globalization…), I’ve replied to one or two quizzes in peers’ courses…

I’ve added two portuguese food recipies to the database Food for Moodlers.

I’ve participated in the workshop «My home country», with my assignment on Portugal and assessing 5 other peers’ assignments.

I’ve replied to the Week 3 Quiz, and I’ve made a backup file of my Practice Area.

I can’t say I’ve learnt a lot on this course since I’m already a Moodle user, but it was worth while to try some activities I had not used before, such as «Lesson», «Quiz»…and to try new version of Moodle since I still use a previous version…

I think the course was well moderated and organized. Thanks to all for this opportunity!

19 September

Week 3 focused on the creation of participants’ courses. In the Webinar the facilitators showed the stats of this MOOC with around 8600 participants from 176 countries. Several thousands of posts and over 2.000 courses created by participants.
The 8th topic of my practice area was created as my course entitled «Encaustic Painting» –
I’ve tried to create a few quizzes and tried to answer some other ones from colleagues.

14 September

During the week I’ve been reading some of the many posts of the forum of Moodle MOOC.

I’ve created the 8th topic to share and discuss with GROUP 541 my theme on Encaustic Painting. I’ve included links for my website and a Pinterest with a lot of videos on encaustic techniques and amazing painters like the brazilian Marcelo Tanaka and the american Ben Hecht (youtube channel) -

Each Group has 10 people and I’ve decided to enroll them in my discipline and today I’ve sent a message to each one to invite to join, since only a few people in other groups seem active.

On the other hand the facilitator (Mary) said that a forum will be opened to let the groups indicate the links to their courses.

It seems that another activity is going to be opened next week to submit a short assignment about participants’ countries, which I’ve already done – 3 sentences on one’s country, a link to wikipedia about it , and I’ve included a promotional touristic video about Portugal.

I’ve entered two courses by other participants, one on english language (initiation) and another about pets.

I’ll try to follow the discussions in Moodle fora and watch the video tutorials in – I’ve just watched the Quiz, and I’ll try to create my first one (though I don’t like quizzes).

9 September
Starting the 2nd week. I’ve decided to have a review of the course outline, books, quiz, survey of the 1st week and decided to have a look at the 2nd week resources and activities. We were invited to form a group and indicate a theme to teach and share with others. I’ve suggested «Encaustic Painting» which may be something not familiar to peers.
I’ve made the quiz which turned OK. I don’t like quizzes and I don’t like closed questions in questionnaires. I value the qualitative aspect of answers.
My practice area in Moodle has already 6 topics with resources and activities. I can still explore the «quiz» activity.

7 September

I’ve tried other Moodle resources and activities in my Practice Area. I had tried Book as course outline and Questionnaire as course evaluation as well as survey and decided to try Page. In fact I had the solution in front of my nose for a problem to replace Frontpage, which is a nuisance to use, because whenever I want to update certain files I have to send the updted file to the administrator of my Department’s server. So I’m going to try it now! I use many other free tools for website creation but I wished to have these documents not so exposed.

5 September

I’ve got my Moodle Discipline to practice and decided to try to embed code from several tools in «LABEL». I had already used it by only tried to embed Youtube and Screencast code. This time I´ve tried Vimeo, Capzles, Mindomo, Livebinders which worked without problems. But strangely it didn’t work with One True Media nor Myebook.

I’ve tried for the first time the Moodle Database and Lesson. I produced 2 databases one with a list of pictures and another with a list of articles. It took me sometime to get it, but succeeded. As for the Lesson I found it very simple!

And now it’s midnight and time to get to bed because tomorrow I have to get up at 6:30 a.m. to go to work.

3 September

I’ve been paticipating in the different lines of discussion and sharing ideas to use the different resources and activities of Moodle. Some I have never used because my context doesn’t require such as grades, others I have used a few times like glossary and other ones may be worth exploring like database. One of the colleagues showed a nice usage of database to display photos of students’ projects.

I must confess that I prefer other wiki tools, such as PBWorks, one of the best wikis I’ve tried and keep using, rather than the wiki Moodle. I usually use Moodle asynchronous tools, so chat in Moodle is a tool I don’t use.

Some colleagues who are adminstrators of Moodle servers are more skilled and probably in better position to take advantage of Moodle features. I hope to learn from them.

I’ve been exploring the links provided by peers about badge creation tools and have created this one –


Other links provided in the forum :

I also watched some videos on «lesson» Moodle activity:

Another issue I’m interested in is «Themes» since I use a primitive version of Moodle with a primitive graphic design. For ages I wished the administrator would upgrade it and refresh de looks, with so many options in Moodle community:

Another participant shared a Resize Photo tool – – which is new to me.

1 September 2013

I’ve posted in Moodle MOOC my introduction (PREZI) and have posted on other participants introduction. There’s a lot participants from all parts of the world (today I counted over 6.000) and a spanish community and an australian community started to organize themselfes.

Today at 4 pm takes place a launching live session with Dougiamas –

Twitter #learnmoodle

26 August 2013

MOODLE MOOC is starting on the 1st September 2013, lasting 4 weeks, addressed to anybody who wants to use the Moodle learning platform for teaching, whether it be in a school, a university, a company or just personal interest!


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