Adult MOOC Learners as Self-Directed: Perceptions of Motivation, Success, and Completion

Posted: July 18, 2017 in Moodle MOOC posts

Um artigo de investigação sobre um grupo de 12 participantes num MOOC –


Despite the increased attention given to MOOCs over the last four  years, learners’ voices have been noticeably absent. This virtual ethnographic study was designed to examine the experiences of 12 adult learners with bachelors’ and masters’ degrees, enrolled in a four-week MOOC on the topic of human trafficking. Through the lenses of self-directed learning and self-determination theories, we were interested in investigating learners’  motivations  for  enrolling in  the  MOOC, their perceptions of success and completion, and barriers encountered while trying to complete the  MOOC.  Reasons  for  enrollment  varied  from  personal  enjoyment  to  professional development, and  differing definitions emerged regarding completion or success  in a MOOC. Implications of  this study  include a proposed conceptual  framework  of adult  learner MOOC motivations  and goals,  which may  inform the  intentional instructional  design  of MOOCs  to  better meet adults’  self-directed learning needs. Results also pointed to the potential for social science MOOCs to promote activism and attitudinal and social change.



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