Towards a New Pedagogy

Posted: March 17, 2016 in Moodle MOOC posts

A long article on MOOCs and the pedagogy they are instilling –

«What we should focus on is how MOOCs are supporting new developments in teaching and learning. Their impact on pedagogy is more important, at least at this time, than their potential impact on public education systems.

MOOCs and Pedagogy

There are five ways in which MOOCs are currently having an impact on teaching and learning:

  1. Encouraging and enabling unbundling – the separation of design, development, deployment, delivery and support for learning.
  2. Changing the nature of credit granting and credentials.
  3. Supporting and accelerating the development of blended learning.
  4. Supporting the development of learning portfolios.
  5. Demonstrating the power of learning communities and peer tutoring.

MOOCs showcase the developments which online learning and other innovations have been encouraging for some time: they are not so much initiating these developments as acting as an accelerant for them.»


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