Saving Universities in the era of MOOCs

Posted: November 11, 2013 in Moodle MOOC posts

An article by Ted Curran about the traditional role of Universities and recent developments of MOOCs – Saving Universities in the era of MOOCs

«Traditional universities provide four main functions that have historically made them worth the high price of admission for students:

  1. Access to High Quality Educational Content
  2. Guidance Towards Content Mastery
  3. Certification of Mastery (“Your Diploma”)
  4. Institutional Relationships & Career Placement

The dirty little secret is that too many bricks-and-mortar schools are offering course experiences that could be reproduced by a machine. Too many courses at top universities consist of teachers lecturing, students reading and taking multiple-choice exams. The last way schools can offer greater value than MOOCs is to develop faculty proficiency in recognizing and promoting higher order thinking skills around course content.»


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