Posted: April 23, 2013 in Moodle MOOC posts

20 February 2013

This week goals were to explore repositories of OER and «methods of finding and identifying OER, how they differ from the mass of online content as well as the many ways they can be incorporated into learning designs.»

OER repositories were delivered in the resources for this week and activities of searching OER related to participant’s projects were proposed. Issues of copyright were addressed and creative commons licences were highlighted. The discussion in Hangout focused on OER licences and copyrights controversy.

The results for my searches in the proposed repositories were descriminated in my wiki – http://oldsmooc1week6curate.pbworks.com

Most of these repositories are not very easy and efficient to explore and comparing to Google Search Engine we may get frustrated with time consuming and not getting the results we were looking for. But those repositories are rich sources of materials that we should retain.

The ideal is to organize one’s own thematic repositories using curation tools, such as Livebinders, Pinterest, Pearltrees, Vidque, etc, and one can also organize directories of files in one’s computer.

Often we adapt and remix resources we find in the Internet using free tools that helps to transform them. In my wiki I include some recent experiences with illustrations (some I’ve used in my project) with Photovisi backgrounds remixing other images from Dreamstime. I’ve also embedded in my wiki some video clips reusing VideoBlocks with OnetrueMedia, as illustration of education quotes and animated big titles. The possibilities are immense. One has to dedicate much time in these experimentations, but graphic design has always motivated me.
I’ve added some comments on this week’s Hangout  regarding OER licences and copyright issues in the cloudscape – http://cloudworks.ac.uk/cloud/view/8084


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