Posted: April 23, 2013 in Moodle MOOC posts

12 Fevereiro 2013

WEEK 5 was dedicated to prototyping, culminating with the application of many of the tools experimented in previous weeks. As my project «OER module for teacher training» was decided since the beginning of OLDS MOOC, I’ve collected some of the work developed before.

I’ve created a new wiki for WEEK 5 and put together my prototyp: http://oldsmooc1week5prototype.pbworks.com

As suggested by prof. Laurillard, I joined the cloudscape discussion – http://cloudworks.ac.uk/cloudscape/view/2468 – and added my own cloud – http://cloudworks.ac.uk/cloud/view/8001 . I’ve posted some comments on other colleague’s prototypes.

My OER module in UDUTU LMS is taking shape but there’s still much work to do. I keep revising what is already available and progress is not so fast as I wished. I have the course outline completed . Topic 1 – «’Open’ concept and copyright/digital commons» is also ready.

URL: http://publish.myudutu.com/published/launcheval/4599/Course87369/Launch.html


‘ve started working on Topic 2 – Learning Design and Universal Design for Learning. I’m going to take some of the tools we have experimented in OLDS MOOC to apply in the activities I’m going to suggest for creation of learning units.

As the target teachers of OER module are those that deal with SEN pupils, universal design and accessibilities will be addressed.

CAST has a nice free tool «Book Builder» that has accessible features incorporated, a talking synthetizer – http://www.cast.org/learningtools/book_builder/index.html. It has also models for Lesson Builder – http://lessonbuilder.cast.org/

Example – Rocks and their properties – http://lessonbuilder.cast.org/explore.php?op=static&pid=rocks_1

The OER Module will include a third topic on «creation, reuse and remix OER» where we’ll explore repositories of resources in the public domain, suggesting activities to create new accessible OERs.

Remark: This week, I’ve got my 3rd badge «Resource Gatherer»


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