Virtual School MOOC – Introduction to K-12 Online Learning Research

Posted: April 22, 2013 in Moodle MOOC posts

10 September 2012

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It starts today the MOOC «Introduction to K-12 Online Learning Research», «aiming to provide a broad overview of the field of K-12 online learning, specifically what is currently known based on the research that has been conducted in the field».

 «The MOOC will be managed by a variety of scholars in the field of K-12 online learning in an asynchronous fashion covering eight different topics over a over four week period.

  1. MOOC Introduction and Classifying K-12 Online Learning
  2. History of K-12 Online Learning
  3. Overview of Research into K-12 Online Learning
  4. Design of K-12 Online Learning
  5. Teaching of K-12 Online Learning
  6. Facilitation of K-12 Online Learning
  7. K-12 Online Learning from an International Perspective
  8. Concluding the K-12 Online Learning Research MOOC»

 I work at the Ministry of Education in Portugal, in Special Education, my vocation being eLearning and virtual communities.

I’m particularly interested in the US experience of virtual learning in K-12, since this is the spectrum of pupils I’m professionally involved with. 


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