Reflecting on MOOCs and Retention

Posted: April 22, 2013 in Moodle MOOC posts

Interesting post in Glen Cochrane’s blog

Wondering about participating in MOOCs, some saying that prefer to be spoon-fed with contents and don’t like MOOCs, while he confesses that one of the reasons to leave one of the MOOCs he was participating in was the fact that he felt to be guided on a set of topics, and had other priorities on other topics and readings.

Only this year I started participating in MOOCs, out of curiosity of how to manage a course with hundreds of people, about the quality of inervention and about the people that would engage.

I must confess that I was surprised with the high standards, though the MOOCs were very different. I was quite satisfied to have the opportunity to have access for free to some of these courses.

The problem is that they all are very condensed around 5 or /6 weeks and with a lot of dynamic and a lot to reflect upon. I have never engaged for badges. I have participated in the discussions and read many interesting posts of other peers, for pure curiosity and interest for learning. Some of the resources made available were worth reading, other not so new or particularly interesting. 

The problem with these short courses is that it takes time to read and reflect and write the posts or make other contributions and in a flash the course ends and we have no time to mature ideas and to connect the dots with all that one finds in the Internet and reads in books.


  1. Glenyan says:

    Thanks for expanding on my point, Ida. I agree, and would love to see more MOOCs developed with the ‘life-long’ learner in mind. 🙂

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