MOOCs and Connectivist Instructional Design

Posted: April 22, 2013 in Moodle MOOC posts

29 October 2012

In blog Brainstorm in Progress, Geoff Cain (director a Distance Education at College of the Redwoods, in USA) writes an interesting article – from which I take the citation:

.” We were really excited by many of the ideas around connectivism because it is the only learning theory that does not have the justification of the old model of education at its heart (i.e. hierarchical, top down, sage on the stage, medieval lecture halls, exclusivity, etc.). Connectivism accounted for how our students were working, interacting, and collaborating. We could piece together bits of social constructivism and other theories to account for some of it, but none of the other models we looked at were as complete…»


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