MOOC Google Power Searcher

Posted: April 22, 2013 in Moodle MOOC posts

10 July 2012

A new MOOC started this week – Google Power Searcher

It is organized on Google tools, such as Google Groups, Google+, Hangout.

Google is my favourite search engine for some years now. The search power gets more and more sophisticated and the many tools Google has developed are very useful for education.

I already use the toolbars to search by type of media (image, vide, etc). The kind of words or sentence one uses in the search, as well as its order matter. If I look for WHO, I’ll get at the top the World Health Organization, but if I’m looking for the Rock Band  I’ll have to write The Who .

Search images by colour

  • Use ctrlF to search words/sentences in a document (like the «localize» in xls.)
  • Search for definitions «define…»
  • Explore all the information in the screen after a search. On the right hand side there are sometimes extra useful information.
  • Use Google Scholar for scientific articles –

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