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Posted: April 22, 2013 in Moodle MOOC posts

12 July 2012

Every day a new class is launched addressing 6 subtopics. Each topic is developed with a video followed by an activity that includes a quiz and eventually a participation in a forum in Google groups. Google+ is complementary to the discussion of the classes.

Useful tips to get the best out of the search in Google are disclosed every day. As a daily user of Google, I considered myself sufficiently acquainted with the tool, but I realise that we always learn something more with experts.

I knew that to search a precise subject corresponding to a set of words or sentence you should put it in quotes, but very often I forget it, and this really confines the search. I was already using the advanced search that allows to confine the search by exact piece of text, by language, by period of time/date.

Something I’ve learned in this course is to use operators to focus the search:

  • to search something in a particular site (usually the big sites) « disability»
  • to search by type of file «filetype:PDF»
  • to search combining filetype com site «filetype:csv tax rate»
  • to search by conciliating two ideas «eLearning articles OR distance learning articles»
  • removing some idea from a search «surrealist painting -Dali»

Advanced operators can be accessed in Google Guide – 

There’s a list of files that can be searched, among which KML, data file from Google Earth, these video images illustrate one search, it may even reproduce the map path of an expedition:




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