K-12 Online Learning MOOC

Posted: April 22, 2013 in Moodle MOOC posts

16 Sept 2012

I’ve been exploring some links provided by other MOOC’s peers on examples of USA online learning.

The success stories of unadapted children and youth to school and the change operated by online classes. Problems of bullying, unfitness to traditional classrooms were overcome with an individualized  learning. Some testimonies here – http://www.k12.com/video/k12-success-stories


1. K12 — While this company appears to partner with some public schools, K12 is a for-profit provider – http://www.k12.com/

2. Florida Virtual School Full Time is a state-based, state sanctioned fully online school – http://www.connectionsacademy.com/florida-virtual-school/home.aspx

3. Monte Vista On-line Academy is a multi-district cyber school – http://www.monte.k12.co.us/ola/index.htm

4. PA Virtual Charter School is, believe it or not, a virtual charter school – http://www.pavcsk12.org/

5. The Keystone School is a private virtual school – http://landing.keystoneschoolonline.com

6. Georgia Virtual school (Dept. of Education Georgia) – http://www.gavirtualschool.org/Home.aspx

7. Full-time Charter school – http://www.gwinnettonlinecampus.com/goc/

8. Riverside Virtual School (CA) – n online school that serves only students within California as part of a consortium in a full-time online learning environment – http://rusdtech.net/

9. Hawaii Technology Academy – a statewide online charter school serving students in grades K-12.  HTA is a blended learning model which utilizes face-to-face instruction combined with individual online learning – http://www.k12.com/hta

10. The Gwinnett Online Campus — an online charter school that offers full-time as well as supplemental online courses to students in Gwinnett County in Georgia – http://www.gwinnettonlinecampus.com/

 11. West Virginia Virtual School – an online school providing supplemental courses to students throughout the state of West Virginia.  Following the flex model, students primarily take these courses in their brick and mortar building and have a teacher who is the facilitator – http://virtualschool.k12.wv.us/vschool/index.html

12. Ohio Virtual Academy – a virtual school for grades K-12 coordinated by the for-profit provider, K12 inc.  Most learning is done online, however Ohio requires that all students meet with their teachers at least 4 times throughout the year – http://www.k12.com/ohva

13. MNPS Virtual School – Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools offer students a high school diploma completely online (grades 9-12) – http://vlearn.mnps.org/site240.aspx

14. APEX Learning – (private initiative?) middle to high school – http://www.apexlearning.com/

15. Georgia Cyber Academy – http://www.k12.com/gca



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