Comparing LMS

Posted: April 22, 2013 in Moodle MOOC posts

25 May 2012

Considering both MOOCs, I think the Moodle platform has the advantage of sending to one’s email every message that is posted in forum. It may fill one’s email box when there many messages (some with little interest) but keeps us updated.

Blackboard platform has to be accessed to enter the discussions and open every post, and as there are many, one gets a bit lost.

As the course is very well organized, usually 2 messages per week are sent to our emails, updating with summaries of the previous week, link to the recorded live session and announcements of the next week.

On the one hand there’s much content to be read in Dr. Bonk’s MOOC, which may overload us. Some of the information is redundant, in different formats, which has some advantages.

Dr. Bonk makes available his (many) publications in –

and in his Youtube channel are many videocasts on «instructional design» –

There’s a directory of online journals in: Educational Technology, Pedagogy, and Distance Education Journals


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